Perfect Tortilla Bowl

Perfect Tortilla Bowl

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Are you tired of LOSING YOUR FOOD TO BADLY SHAPED TORTILLAS? It's Annoying isn't it! Imagine marinating some chicken you took your time on to make perfect, you serve and it's ruined by badly made Tortillas. What about all the other extras you want to add. You'll NEVER have to worry about that again!

  • 1 Perfect Tortilla Pan 6.7'' x 3'' x 2.5'' mats made from heavy duty Carbon Steel
  • Keeps your Tortillas perfectly shaped every time
  • Perfect for all Tortillas and all filler foods such as chicken, beef, vegetables, beans etc
  • Can be used with any oven platform (gas or electric) and the temperature is up 500 F
  • 100% non-stick and can be used over and over again! Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe!


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