4 Tips to Open Your Inner Chakras

Have you ever felt out of balance? Not physically… But MENTALLY?

Well it may be because your chakras are out of balance. A disruption in energy balances could cause the feelings of imbalance, something doesn’t feel right, something is missing? Ever felt this way?

TIP 1:

Get yourself a 7 Colored Chakra Bracelet!

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These bracelets help balance the energies around you and provide you with a sense of balance and healing. They are created with healing stones, crystals and the color of the different Chakras, where each color represents a different area of the body where the Chakras are located, which we will explain very soon. When wearing these bracelets you will feel any of the following:

TIP 2:

Balance and Grounding:

Each different colored stone connects with its respective area of the body and will calm anxiety and your mind. This provides a balance in your emotions and helps push you through any negativity you may face.

TIP 3:


This may sound like they are ridding you of your sins… but this is actually drawing out the negative thoughts you may have that is keeping you feeling stuck. The bracelets releases positive energy and in turn you are able to attract positive vibes.

TIP 4:


The feeling of being stuck is exactly what the bracelet transforms, it allows for your mind to start thinking clearly and brings positive thoughts into your life, whether that be financial, health, happiness or love.

Now you can see WHY a Charka Bracelet can be a doorway to your inner self and a more positive YOU..

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The different types of Chakra Areas:

Root chakra – The base of the spine

Sacral chakra – Located at the groin or pelvis

Solar plexus chakra – Your abdomen and thorax join together

Heart chakra – Associated with the entire chest and lungs

Throat chakra – Responsible for self-expression, communication, integrity, and growth

Brow chakra (white) – As your “third eye,”

Crown chakra – Responsible for spiritual awareness, cosmic consciousness, and enlightenment.


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